We appreciate all of you and want you to know we want to keep you safe and working so long as we can do both through this current health situation with COVID-19. We realize this affects each of you in many ways from your families to your income to your personal health and safety. Please read the guidelines and resources below and attached files to help you as we work through this together.

We are also concerned for those who cannot show up due to COVID-19 illness or related no-show issues. We have attached the current Oregon Employment Department new rules regarding unemployment. Those who cannot show up for work due to COVID-19 should follow this guidance in applying for unemployment benefits where available. Checklists for who can apply are also attached in Spanish and English.

  1. FIRST: We have built a COVID-19 Response Team and we would like to send text alerts to our team. We need each of our forepersons to ask each crew member for permission for Harver to send text alerts to their phone. Please make a list of all crew members who approve to me ASAP. We intend to begin sending alerts early this week to our entire team. Please make this a priority!
  2. EVERY MORNING, we want EVERY JOBSITE to have a start of day meeting to cover the following.
    1. During the meeting, the rule should be not to congregate in groups larger than 10 people, and every person should stand/sit at least 6 feet away from the next closest person.
    2. The attached visitor check in and crew checklist regarding COVID-19. Instructions are on the sheet. Please print this if you can, and if you cannot, then at least keep a handwritten or typed log and go through the checklist with your crew.
    3. Review our current sick/show up policy at the meeting (see #2 below)
    4. Ask about the health and well-being of the team, including asking about any anxiety anyone is feeling. We have to acknowledge that this affects each of us differently and that the current situation is putting considerable strain on some people.
    5. Remind crews to wear recommended PPE with no exceptions including safety glasses, gloves, and hard hats. See the OSHA guidance here:  “OSHA standards, including those for personal protective equipment (PPE, 29 CFR 1910.132) and respiratory protection (29 CFR 1910.134), require employers to assess the hazards to which their workers may be exposed.)
    6. OSHA COVID-19 Standards:
    7. OSHA COVID-19 Hazard Recognition:
    8. Wash and sanitize hands regularly.
    9. Keep a distance from other people at a minimum of 6 feet.
    10. Remind people NOT to touch their face (which is difficult when you want to scratch your face or wipe sweat away).
    11. Sanitize tools, safety glasses, and any public surfaces that more than one person will have contact with. Pay special attention to gang boxes and remember that all handles and flat surfaces present a risk.
  3. As of right now, our sick/show up policy is:
    1. If you have COVID-19 Symptoms, DO NOT COME TO WORK at all.
    2. If you have had personal contact with another person who has COVID-19, do not come to work for 14 days (this is the recommended range from the CDC based on incubation period)
    3. If you have a cough, do not return to work until you have been symptom free of the cough for 72 hours
    4. If you have (or have had) a fever, do not return to work until 14 days after your last symptom of fever
  4. You can look at what the Carpenters are doing here:

We will continue to keep you posted with any alerts, notices of changes to work schedule, or shut downs if necessary. At present, we are doing everything we can to keep you working and safe!



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